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This 9 week experience is not about the right or wrong way to do relationships; it is about your self-knowledge, self-love, and self-acceptance.


You cannot give what you do not have. The world, and more importantly, YOU, need more love. This journey begins with what you are ready to offer yourself, before you identify what you are ready to offer others.



The return on your investment in time and money, is the pure fulfillment you will have in knowing that you are:


  1. Safe in relationships

  2. Free to be yourself and get what you want

  3. Competent in your relationship

  4. Ok. There is nothing wrong with you

  5. Able to override any type of pain with your truth about love

As you look through the program outline, prayerfully and with clear intentions, decide if you are ready to change the patterns that have kept you unfulfilled. If you have a sacred space in your home, print out the outline, take it to your sacred space, and make the decision to enroll from your heart, with full confidence that what you want to get out of this experience, will manifest for you. Let your enrollment be an indication of your faith that your love life is fulfilling!


Yes, manifesting that will take diligence and vulnerability, but the payoff is well worth it. I cannot wait to celebrate the transformations that will come for you in these 9 weeks! 


I look forward to personally witnessing this shift in your life! If you need assistance with enrolling or have additional questions, call 1-888-576-WOMB or e-mail

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Ariel Kirkland
Lifestyle Reinvention Coach

"This here #toxicloverhealing is giving me soooo much LIFE! Thema Azize Serwa is seriously building THE BADDEST WIVES ON THE PLANET! The group energy clearing on Monday and today's weekly sister support hour, T is getting us all the way together! This sisterhood is so yummy. I'm already witnessing shifts in my relationship by doing the spiritual work on myself and #beingsomethinglikegodinmyhouse!"

Teisha Akinpelu
Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur

"I can’t believe it’s working, but I can. I’m learning by experience that I’m the most powerful influence in my household when I focus on my self care. I’ve made it through 4 temper tantrums, my entire household being sick, and diffused 2 potential arguments with my husband over these last few days. Yet in spite of my overwhelmed and nervous emotions I applied what I’m learning from the teachings of Thema Azize Serwa and my vision for how I show up in love is becoming clear.. I took action on what “I” felt was right and here I am. Weekend chores are complete, infant is sleep, hubbie went off to work with positive declarations over his day, and me and the eldest are having some learning time... #toxicloverhealing #healeverything

Tiara & Grant Hill
Happy Married Couple

"I was so fearful entering this Toxic Lover Healing Program. I didn’t know what to expect and in many ways I didn’t wanna face myself. I am SO GLAD AND SO GRATEFUL for Thema and this blueprint on how to become love!!! It has changed my whole perspective on life and how to do and be love. I have gained knowledge of how much power I have by just making a decision to face my fears and dive into this experience Heart first. If you’re interested in this course I would ask you not to hesitate, but honor yourself and your spirit and sign up! You WILL NOT be disappointed. The Reverend and High Priestess along with God know exactly how to give you what you need to enhance and brighten your journey through this thing we call life. SIGN UP! SIGN UP! SIGN UP!!!"

Monique Pearson
Empowered Single Woman

"The Toxic Lover Healing workshop was a life altering experience. The course elevated my level of self awareness and the power I yield not only as a woman but the power to conjure the type of love experience I desire. I recommend this course to a single, married or divorcee. There is something for every woman who is willing to put forth the effort to improve herself and her relationship. Kudos to Thema for constructing such an awesome forum for women to heal, transform & elevate!! Don't miss out on the next offering of this course this winter."

Tamyamonic Clowney
Author, Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur

"I originally got into the program to prove it wasn't me it was my husband that needed to do the work. Oh how wrong I was. I un-earth some serious toxicity the more I had to look at myself. I realized that he may need to do the work but I definitely need to do the work because I had some issues. It was hard work because like always I ran from the truth. Here I am almost 6 months later and I am still using the tools and techniques. I must admit I wanted the process to be like a magic pill but it wasn't . I wanted to be able to use the tools and techniques and my husband really get it. He didn't. Like many I wanted an instant, noticeable change. Not until I started doing it ALL for me did I see any change in my love life, friendships and parenting style. What I would tell others on this journey is to be gentle with yourself. I had zero concept of that. If things went wrong I beat myself up. If we argued (even after practicing the tools) I'd beat myself up. I would neglect my self-care (partly because I didn't fully understand the concept). The point is mistakes happens, life happens, frustration happens but don't give up. RESET if you have to because it is well worth it. Lastly, I remind myself daily that toxic lover healing is a lifestyle just like eating right and working out. You gotta commit in order to see results. The program gave me a life time of knowledge. I tell anyone who would listen about it because once I noticed how toxic I was and why I figured everyone else should to."

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