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How does this work? 

This 9 week relationship training is offered online and via phone. There are two class periods per year. The next training date is below.

You are welcome to enroll all year, but if your enrollment comes in AFTER the end date of one of the trainings, you will need to start in the next upcoming session.

Monday, March 6th, 2023

*Weekly group coaching calls each Monday at 8pmEST*

Week 1: The Path of love vs the path of fear

Is your way of life love driven or fear driven? This week we are taking inventory of where we are and how that impacts our lifestyles and relationships.

Week 2: Assessing Your “Love” Consciousness

Let’s explore what you know about love and how you learned it to see if the values you are holding are truly working for you or against you. We will focus on the generational patterns playing out in your love life.

Week 3: Your Ego & Your Love Life

The greatest culprit for sabotaging love is internal, it is the ego. Learn about what the modern wife is called to learn and apply in this dispensation of time and the interplay between the ego and the spirit.

Week 4: Nurturing Your Subconscious Mind

Despite your efforts, it is the part of your mind you are not controlling that chooses your mate. Let’s learn how to accept and leverage that.

Week 5: The Vulnerability Blueprint

Learn how your imperfections, insecurities, and emotions are tools for deeper intimacy in your love life if you simply learn to relate without your masks.

Week 6: Loving an Emotionally Impotent Mate

Learn how to honor your truth about who you are and love’s power in your life regardless of how someone else is showing up in that process. This is a turning point week where we shift from just having knowledge to the application of what we truly believe.

Week 7: When You Marry Your Wound

Let’s make peace with the broken pieces and become decisive so there can be deep healing. Even pain, betrayal, abandonment, heartache, can serve you well. Let’s elevate the perception of the experience to transform it.

Week 8: Self-Love as the ‘New’ Worship

Self-love is best demonstrated when we prioritize pleasure. We will dive deep into understanding the values that shape our views and how we treat ourselves and reset what has interfered with consistent self-love.

Week 9: Rebirthing Your Love Life

Learn rituals and tools to manifest your vision for your love life and have support and accountability in place to measure the impact of your actions.

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